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  • katieanndenis:

    when I walked around burning man, every piece of art conjured up the same thought. “this idea came out of someone’s head. someone, at some time, THOUGHT this up. and then made it. and then brought it here to the desert for the rest of us to enjoy.”
    I walked around open-mouthed and excited, as free as a child to run and climb and play and explore.

    this is Mariah, one of my fellow campmates, who enjoyed her first burn with that same level of glorious abandon this year.

    #burningman (at Burning Man)

  • katieanndenis:

    basket contents: cups for sipping beverages, from iced cucumber water to margaritas. sparkle shorts a kind camp gifted me. locks to keep my bike from wandering and a disposable camera I’m dying to get developed. #burningman #ourhousecamp

  • dianakathleen:

    The always gorgeous Katie & Matt as cyan and red at this year’s Color Day celebration. #ourhousecamp (at Burning Man at Black Rock City)

  • katieanndenis:

    this year at burning man I laughed until I cried and I cried until I laughed. I danced during the heat of the day and I danced through the chill of the night. this year at burning man I made many new friends, but meeting them felt more like a reunion with old ones. I reflected and I laughed and I loved, with bright eyes and a big smile. this year at burning man beat my every expectation, including just how dusty I’m capable of being.
    tonight I’ve showered and rested, and tomorrow I’ll make the drive back to “real life” in LA, with a steady countdown until the man burns again. #ourhousecamp